Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a stretch tent?

    A stretch tent is a modern alternative to a traditional marquee. A simple yet stunning form, they are made from a single piece of waterproof material that is stretched tightly over a given area. The free-standing internal poles are used to create the desired shape and space. They are completely waterproof, fire retardant, and, most importantly, can be adapted to provide warmth and protection against the weather, making them a structure suitable for all seasons.

  • Where can stretch tents be placed?

    The flexibility of stretch tents means they can be set up anywhere. They can be attached directly to buildings to extend the internal space, they can be floated over obstacles such as fountains or walls, and they can be easily rigged over uneven ground or even split-level terrain. They are perfectly suited for wide open spaces, but are equally at home in an urban environment. In short, they can be used almost anywhere, so you can enjoy entertaining in spaces that previously were inaccessible.

  • Do stretch tents have sides?

    This depends on how the tent is set up. Stretch tents can be rigged with their sides down or up, depending on how you envisage the tent being used and the prevailing weather.

  • Are stretch tents only for use in the summer months?

    Stretch tents can be used all year round. In the warmer summer months, they can be used with all the sides open, providing shade and reassurance that if the weather does turn for the worst your guests have the protection from the rain they need. Stretch tents can be positioned to provide protection against the elements, the sides can easily be drawn down to provide an enclosed structure, albeit with a modern feel, beautiful lighting and elegant curves.

    During the colder months, we can provide a range of heat sources to create a warm and comfortable environment.

  • What sizes do stretch tents come in?

    Bowland Marquees has a range of stretch tents - from our smallest at 6m x 8m, to our largest single tent at 22.5m x 15m. However, due to their modular design the tents can be joined together seamlessly, with a clever guttering system that prevents any water from entering the tent. We can therefore make almost any size of structure to accommodate between 30 and 300 guests.

  • Where is Bowland Marquees based and how large an area do you cover?

    Bowland Marquees is based in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire. We typically cover the counties of Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Yorkshire; cities including Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) including the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District and Snowdonia.

  • For how long can I hire the tent?

    A standard hire period runs for three days, but this can be flexed depending on your individual requirements. The great advantage of stretch tents over traditional marquees is that they are much faster to install, the length of time will depend on the complexity and size of tent required.

  • Are site viewings free and without obligation?

    Initial site visits are included as part of our estimation service and are carried out without any obligation to use our services. Within a 50-mile radius, our site viewings are free. After that, we have to charge 45 pence per mile to cover our costs.

  • Can the tent be fixed to existing structures like buildings?

    Yes, they can and they’ll look like part of the building – essentially becoming an extension of the interior space.

  • Do you need a power supply?

    Yes, we will always require power. Most lighting can run from a 13-amp domestic supply or a generator. Our cabling is weatherproof.

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